User's Guide
RegHub makes our database of collected regulations and legislation available for download. Each country with an associated RegData project will have their own separate pages divided by administrative level. For instance, Australia has both an "Australia Federal" and an "Australia States" page, which will contain the federal and state jurisdictions, respectively. Each page will display rows for each individual jurisdiction, with a total of six columns:
Refers to the political territory or entity from which documents were collected. For now, this refers only to the United States, but could also refer to an Australian state or a Canadian province, for instance. Jurisdiction may also refer to
Data Project
Refers to the RegData project this jurisdiction is associated with.
Project Version
Shows the version of the RegData project this jurisdiction is associated with.
Version Date
Shows the year that this version of the RegData project was collected.
Will download the actual text files for that jurisdiction.
Will request the metadata associated with these files from out API. See below for a description of available metadata.
Downloading Files
Downloading files for a jurisdiction will return two types of files: raw and cleaned. Raw files contain the text in its original format as collected from that jurisdiction, prior to any cleaning or other processing. This could be, for instance, the text scraped from a webpage, a text file, a Word document, or a PDF.

Cleaned files are the final, cleaned text that QuantGov uses for its word count, restriction counts, and other analysis. These will always be simple text files, converted from the original, raw format and cleaned. Cleaning involves stripping out unnecessary spaces, special characters, and punctuation, with the exception of periods, commas, exclamation marks, and question marks. We clean these files to make them as standardized as possible and prevent introduction of noise into text classification and other types of analysis.

You may also download the document-level metadata for each one of these jurisdictions that will provide our word counts, restriction counts, and additional information for each file included in that jurisdiction. The metadata will download as a .csv file and includes the following information:
Searching AI-Readable Laws & Rules
RegHub also allows users to search across our entire collection of jurisdictional texts at every administrative level, for all countries with an active RegData project. The search functionality can be accessed from the main page or through the menu. Currently, RegHub search is limited to simple keyword queries that will return results by matching against all metadata fields and the entire document text. You can filter your search by jurisdiction by clicking the dropdown menu above the search bar - this is currently limited to single jurisdiction filtering, and will search across all administrative levels for that jurisdiction (federal and state, for instance). In the future, we plan to add more filtering options using the additional document data we have available. Additionally, federal U.S. documents are currently unable to be searched, as our data series contains historical text files that would not be representative of the current state of that jurisdiction.

Search results will return on a page display with four columns telling you the document title, the reference information for that document to assist in locating the document in the jurisdiction's hierarchical code structure, the country the jurisdiction belongs to, and the name of the jurisdiction itself. You can click on the document title to bring you to a page for that specific document, which contains the associated metadata as well as the complete cleaned document text below. You can click the download button at the top to download this individual cleaned text file.
How to Connect Data and Documents
This guide is specifically designed to help individuals who get data from the Bulk Download and Custom Download pages, and documents from the Search for Documents, connect those data and documents. For example, if you downloaded a set of documents from the jurisdiction of Alberta, you might be interested in Shannon Entroy score for each document downloaded.
Every time I try to log in, it returns me to the login page. What do I do?
Try closing the page, clearing all cookies for RegHub in your browser, and then reopen the page. If that doesn't work, try using a different browser - RegHub currently works best on Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
Can I download all the text files and metadata returned from a given search?

I'm trying to download metadata for a jurisdiction and it's not working.

My search results aren't refreshing.