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The QuantGov team at the Mercatus Center has collected tens of millions of legal documents from around the world. These documents can be filtered by jurisdiction, year, document type, topical tags (produced from our in-house machine learning algorithms), and custom words or phrases. Clicking on a search result will display the document's and some metadata.

Custom sets of files can be requested for download. If you would like to download a custom set of files, enter your email address when prompted. When the download is ready a
with a zipped folder of those documents will be sent to the provided email address.
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If you are looking to download a complete set of documents for a specific jurisdiction(s), please download those pre-compiled sets of documents on our documents downloader page . This tool is not designed for massive downloads and is capped at the first 2,000 most relevant documents per request. If you would like to link the downloaded documents to additional data that we produce, reference this guide . Although we have documents going further back in time, search results are only available for documents going back to 2020. For example, you can search for Alabama regulatory documents for the years 2020, 2021, and 2022. For access to documents for years before 2020, please see our documents downloader page . Also note that we only have statutes for the country of India.

Federal Regulation data (RegData 5.0) has been preliminarily released and metadata is available in bulk download on our bulk download page with individual documents available for download on our documents downloader page . These documents are reflective of the updates made as part of RegData 5.0, the greatest of which involves partitioning the tax code (Title 26 Part 1) by section. For more information on the updates made as part of release 5.0 see the documentation .

If you have any questions regarding the RegHub tool, please check out our
User's Guide or contact us at .